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NBC podcast “Close to Death”

Lynn MagikCraft Swain is honored to have been selected from Mediums in the United States for the new NBC podcast “Close to Death”. Lynn was selected based on her reputation as a Spiritual Psychic Medium. Listen to this podcast, including a Medium session, and get a glimpse into Lynn's life. Click on the link below to download and listen today! It will be available from October 27th and on.

Close to Death is a podcast that profiles people who spend every day working with the dead and dying. People like Lynn MagickCraft Swain, who is an International Psychic Medium and Spiritual Healer, to crime scene cleaners, obituary writers, human composting farms to taxidermists. Hosted by Utkarsh Ambudkar and Interviewed by Jourdain Fisher a correspondent with NBC. Available today October 27, 2021, please follow the Apple download link below. Follow and like the podcast Close to Death, to hear Lynn tonight on the release or later at your convenience. Please leave a review and “stars” after you listen.

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