Tom and Lynn Swain are grateful to have the opportunity to open their second location, Magic on 70 cafe and shoppe. Their hopes are that this will be a community cafe where individuals, families and friends will gather for decedent espressos, coffees and loose leaf teas. All are fair trade sourced from around the world along with third party tested CBD (water soluble and MCT based), tinctures, salves, and decadent desserts and pastries from local vendors. 


Just to describe a few of the shoppes items:

Crystals, sage, essential oils, incense, candles, art, jewelry, wind-chimes, local raw honey & jams, organic soaps, apothecary, dream catchers and books along with many other cool items; all of which come from local and international artisans, vendors and authors. 


Lynn Swain, also known as MagikCraft, is an internationally known  medium, psychic, reader, healer and teacher who has read countless souls for over 45 years. Along with teaching over 32 workshops, Lynn loves life and tries to enhance positive energy for all those she meets and greets on her soul journey. 


Tom Swain is a Durham native who has worked in the family electrical contracting business for many years. He enjoys working and/or sitting around and talking with his father Tommy and Uncle Dallas Swain, and loves stopping by his parent’s house. He inspires  and encourages people  to live up to their best potential by providing guidance and knowledge. He also has an interest in  preparedness and survival skills.    

Through happenstance, Lynn and Tom met in 2014. They became best friends immediately, and without either one looking for it, love fell upon them. Lynn and Tom were married July 4, 2016. Tom, father of Savannah Swain, blended with Lynn’s family who was/is raising her granddaughters Shelley and Nova and great granddaughter Bella. Lynn has one daughter, Megan and daughter-in-law Erin Fasold, mothers of her only Grandson Brayden. She is also very close to her brother Billy as they were born 14 months apart in South Jersey where their father, Bill Bierbrunner & Step Mom Merkie currently live. Lynn and Billy were raised in the UK with their Mums’ family and siblings, but Lynn & Billy returned to the USA as teenagers to continue their life journey.


This is Lynn and Toms second location. Their first location opened three years ago. Bull city Magic MagikCraft located at 1916 Perry Street, Durham NC 27705. 


Positive energy is contagious!!!!

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