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Leonids are expected to fall most abundantly in the dark hour before dawn on November 17 or 18 2019

But first, what exactly is the Leonid meteor shower and what’s the big meaning behind it? Leonid meteors are some of the faster-moving fireballs in the sky, and they get their namesake from their radiant—or point of origin—in the constellation Leo. Leonid meteor showers occurs annually, usually from about Nov. 6 to Nov. 30. And if you’re keeping en eye out for the shower’s peak, it will occur on Nov. 16-17 this year, so mark your calendars! And what an awesome opportunity for a stunning date night. Or, you know, a well-meaning attempt to connect with whatever emotionally unavailable Tinder match who doesn’t flake on you! (Pro tip: If your date is wishy-washy and responds to any and all texts with “hahah wow,” just buy yourself a steak dinner and watch the shower with a good friend. Save yourself.)...


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